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Are You Publishing or Promoting?

By willjamsbeats on Apr 28, 2017 in 100 Days Of Videos , Branding , Marketing - 0 Comments

Are you a publisher or a promoter?
I’m shifting to more of a publishing company.
Building a big fanbase and start publishing things more often.

What will I publish?
I need to be reading articles and finding things that are related to the niche that my audience is in.
Then I repurpose that content by sharing what I have learned from it or have begun to implement.
By doing this in a consistent way I will become an authority on that topic in the eyes of I audience.
Which causes them to know like and trust me for their information.
See your potential clients will be most likely to do business and buy from you because they know that you are the one that can solve their problem.
The key is to quit trying to sell your product.
If I send out 30 emails to you a day you would get upset.
But If I post on facebook 30 times a day with valuable content.
That keeps people wanting more.
The way to win in social media is to always be “top of mind.”
That means every time people look at their facebook you are there.
If you are only posting once a day then you are not “top of mind.”
This is how you win in this market!
If you are constantly in the face of your clients over and over again with exactly what they wan’t
It will make the difference from a business that was at first doing $300 dollars a month to $4000 a month.
And would scale and grow rapidly if you do it right.
This is what I’m doing.
Blogging and shooting video daily
Emailing my list
Sending them valuable offers that I know my clients are looking for.
Which generates sales.