I am sure by now you have heard about the recent events and news about Kanye’s radical change and confession of Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior and how he dropped a new gospel album over 2 weeks ago.

I personally have gotten a chance to listen to the album and I have to say that It is quite powerful in my opinion.

The production of the album is on point and most importantly the message is actually very on point. Everything that I heard Kanye saying on the recordings I was able to agree with from a biblical standpoint. Which was quite refreshing and to be honest. There was more truth in what I heard in this album than what I have hear many of the preachers preach in my home town. I don’t say that with any pride either. It’s actually quite sad and I have weeped for many years over that fact.

Some of the most recent things that I have seen also are the

Sunday services which are impromptu services that are help at night in various cities. thousands of people have attended each of these and there have been reports of there being a genuine worship experience in these events along with a preaching message of the Gospel followed by a altar call. It has also been reported by goers that there was at least 1000 people that answered the call to salvation in the Sunday service event help in Baton rouge, Louisiana a few weeks ago.

Kanye West performed a surprise concert for inmates at Houston jail

Sunday Service Experience Joel Osteen Lake Wood Church Host Kanye West, Jesus is King choir during

There is so much more that I could say, but I’d really like to hear your feedback about what is going on with Kanye. What is your take?

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