February, 2017

5 Tips To Help Rappers and Singers Write Better Songs.

By willjamsbeats on Feb 28, 2017 in Artists Tips - 2 Comments

As an artist, you must always be creating! Here are 5 quick tips to help you with your creativity as a writer.

1.The more you write the better you get. Don’t stumble on what is good or bad. Keep everything you write.

2.The act of writing and creating is what will strengthen your skills as a lyricist! Don’t stop!

3.Make sure you keep a pad and pen with you all the time because inspiration usually comes at the most unexpected times.

4.Change up the scenery. Get out of your normal writing space. Sometimes this brings out more creativity.

5. Listen to music that is different than the kind of music that you write. This will ad a variety and a unique difference to your sound if you apply it. Which will separate you from everyone else that is sounding the same.


Bonus Tip:  Always make sure you have an unlimited supply of beats to listen and write to so that when inspiration strikes you have an instrumental to write your lyrics to and complete your songs faster and more affordably. You can also showcase your work to your friends and fans!  If you need a huge supply of beats go check out our beats catalog by clicking here.

WillJamsBeats collabs with Chamber Studios

By willjamsbeats on Feb 25, 2017 in News - 0 Comments

I had an amazing week.

This past Wednesday Feb 22nd, 2017, I got a chance to connect with a friend of mine and a power man of God, Eric Newble of Eric Newble Ministries and Brian Culshaw, to do some fellowship and some mixing and mastering in their amazing studio called “Chamber Studios” we worked on a project that he and his team have been working on. We had an amazing time!

Here are some comments that Eric had to say about my trip there. Also, check out the pics below!

Inspirers, Eccl 3:1; There is a time & season for all things. The Lord affords some of us the opportunity to go ahead of current time. Their assignments to create places & spaces that give others the chance to birth their Dreams! Chambers Studio & Productions is one of those arenas! Two years ago our TEAM RECORDED some fire Prophetic music, but we needed a Producer to Mix & Master. Philip M. Williams, Thank You for your heart & expertise! Today, you filled the Chambers with precious and pleasant riches. #inspiredpurposes

Be looking for some anointed and inspiring music coming from this group in the near future!