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Why Buy From

Here are 6 reasons why.

Save Money

Step 1

Get high quality beats for your project for a fraction of the cost that it would take for you to have a local producer produce for you.

Earn More Sales

Step 1

Most artists that work with us see more sales and revenue because we give them quality and also show them how to promote and market their music to the right audience.

Fast Delivery

Step 3

Your beats are sent to you immediatly after you purchase them. We've made it easy for you to search for the right instrumental track and purchase is simple and secure. 

No Hassles

Step 3

We make sure that our customers are happy with their purchase. Of there ever is a problem we always make sure to respond quickly to resolve it. 

100% Guarantee

Step 2

Plus we offer a 100% Refund Guarantee on our beats and products. Thats how confident we are in taking care of you.

Become A Trend Setter

Step 3

All of your artist friends will start asking you where you getting your beats from.

What Others Are Saying About

Producer: "Truth Music Studio"

Artist: "Ken Green"

Artist: "Katrina Benson"


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Frequently Asked Questions!

When do I get my beats that I purchased?

The beats files are send directly to you via email along with a receipt for your purchase. The paypal email is where the beats will be sent.

How can I use the music that I purchase?

There is a list of the different licenses located in the beat store. We try to accommodate  for multiple music needs.

Are your prices negotiable?

The lease prices are fixed. However If there is a beat that you are interested in and you want to purchase the exclusive than yes that price can be negotiated.

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